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Podium décor

In my previous post, Custom Podium, I explained how I built a podium for my new classroom.  Now, you get to see how I painted and stained it.  Just looking at the pictures gives me goose bumps because I can *see* it in my room already. 

Here is a picture of the plain podium and some creature that lives under it.

Podium 5

I transported it back to my garage and evicted my husbands truck so that I would have a workspace.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to just paint it black or use a stain since the wood grain was so beautiful.  I also thought about personalizing it somehow.  I love monograms and have a tendency to monogram or personalize anything that will stay still long enough.  I read lots of blogs and searched on Google and just didn’t see the perfect podium.  But, I did find several different elements that I liked.  So, I just decided to do them all.  I incorporated paint, personalization, and stain all in one project. 

Sounds hideous doesn’t it?

I whipped out the Silhouette Cameo and decided to design a monogram.  I used Photoshop CS 6, saved it, and uploaded it into Silhouette Design Studio to cut it out on vinyl.  This is what I came up with.

Podium 4

I centered and applied it onto the raw wood.  Then I painted the design with Kilz white paint.  Sorry for the extra-ugly cell phone pictures – my photographer was out cutting the grass. 

IMG_20130714_140850     IMG_20130714_143835

If you try this, make sure to remove the vinyl stencil before it dries.  You always want to remove stencils while the paint is wet or the paint may peel or flake off of the surface.

I let this dry really well.  Then I scuffed it up with sand paper just to beat it up a little bit.  Then I started applying the stain.  I chose Minwax in Ebony.  I wanted it black so that it would match my room but I wanted the grain of the wood to be exposed a bit.  I’m very happy with the coverage. 

Podium 044Podium 043 copy 2

You’ll quickly see that whatever was painted does not stain well which allowed the painted emblem and monogram to pop through.  I was pleasantly surprised that the bright white was stained to a light grey.  It toned down the dramatic contrast.

After the stain dried I applied Minwax Polyurethane in a High Gloss Finish.

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  I still have a few more coats of polyurethane but I couldn’t wait to share my project with everyone. 

Podium 054


There have been lots of changes in my little world in the last couple of years.  A new baby, a tornado that destroyed my school, a temporary school, portable classrooms, and finally a NEW job.  Maybe since things have settled down I can keep this blog updated.  There have been so many crafty and/or educational things I’ve done, taken pictures, and never got around to posting.  I’ll (hopefully) do better. 

I recently was offered, and accepted, a job at the high school in my community and I couldn’t be more excited to help grow the program. 

Today I went to the new school and found out that I will NOT BE FLOATING but have a permanent classroom.  The new classroom is basically a clean & blank slate.  It’s white, with white trim, and accents of white.  The previous teacher didn’t leave much as far as decoration- just a couple of cork-boards and those curtains.  I took some pictures and plan to update as I craft and decorate for the new classroom.

Here is my room!  This view is from the hallway as you walk in the door.  I use my SmartBoard a LOT so I really want to move my desk away from that area.

I’ll probably keep the little curtains.  They are cute – grey with a red trim.  I may take them down and monogram a big “S” on each of them.  Or I may scrap them and make some new ones.  We’ll see!


This is a view from the back corner where I’m thinking about moving my teacher’s desk if there is power and internet there.  Plus, I think I can see what the kids are doing better from this angle AND I won’t risk the in-house television falling on my head. 


This final view is from where the teacher’s desk is located now!  LOOK AT THAT STORAGE!  I am going to have room for all 11 years (plus 6 years of summer school) of teacher supplies I have to find a place for AND have room left over!  Smile

The area between the cabinets and the green bulletin board is where I’m hoping I can put my desk. 


I have a lot of ideas as far as decoration.  I guess I should probably incorporate red into the theme.  First, it is the school’s main color.  Second, it is my favorite color.  Finally, those desks are BRIGHT red and can’t be missed.