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There have been lots of changes in my little world in the last couple of years.  A new baby, a tornado that destroyed my school, a temporary school, portable classrooms, and finally a NEW job.  Maybe since things have settled down I can keep this blog updated.  There have been so many crafty and/or educational things I’ve done, taken pictures, and never got around to posting.  I’ll (hopefully) do better. 

I recently was offered, and accepted, a job at the high school in my community and I couldn’t be more excited to help grow the program. 

Today I went to the new school and found out that I will NOT BE FLOATING but have a permanent classroom.  The new classroom is basically a clean & blank slate.  It’s white, with white trim, and accents of white.  The previous teacher didn’t leave much as far as decoration- just a couple of cork-boards and those curtains.  I took some pictures and plan to update as I craft and decorate for the new classroom.

Here is my room!  This view is from the hallway as you walk in the door.  I use my SmartBoard a LOT so I really want to move my desk away from that area.

I’ll probably keep the little curtains.  They are cute – grey with a red trim.  I may take them down and monogram a big “S” on each of them.  Or I may scrap them and make some new ones.  We’ll see!


This is a view from the back corner where I’m thinking about moving my teacher’s desk if there is power and internet there.  Plus, I think I can see what the kids are doing better from this angle AND I won’t risk the in-house television falling on my head. 


This final view is from where the teacher’s desk is located now!  LOOK AT THAT STORAGE!  I am going to have room for all 11 years (plus 6 years of summer school) of teacher supplies I have to find a place for AND have room left over!  Smile

The area between the cabinets and the green bulletin board is where I’m hoping I can put my desk. 


I have a lot of ideas as far as decoration.  I guess I should probably incorporate red into the theme.  First, it is the school’s main color.  Second, it is my favorite color.  Finally, those desks are BRIGHT red and can’t be missed.